Changes to the Guiding Programme

The current programme that we follow for all sections is due to be updated over the summer holidays.

Girl Guiding regularly update the programme we follow to make sure that it reflects the world in which the girls live.  For example we no longer have the bee keeping interest badge!  The new programme is due to be launched on 21st July and we will have a year in which to implement it.

What this means for our girls…

The programme that we follow will essentially stay the same at first, in that we will  not introduce all the changes at once.  Each unit is able to pick and chose the activities we follow so if there is something that our girls don’t enjoy we won’t make them do it.

The details on what the new programme will involve are not available at this stage and we will update you all as we get details.  One thing we suspect will happen is an overhaul of interest badges linking what girls do in previous sections, so if they are a very confident swimmer in Brownies and get their swimmer and advanced swimmer badge they wouldn’t have to start from the beginning when they move to Guides.

Several Guides have asked to start their Baden Powel Adventure, however this is one aspect that is being discontinued.  Therefore this is one area we will look to start the replacement straight away.

Further details are on the guiding website here.